CQC Mock Inspections

Mock CQC inspections now cover the Single Assessment Framework for care companies wishing to improve standards via an audit by highly experienced care professionals

We offer comprehensive mock inspections designed to help care providers nationwide enhance their services and meet regulatory standards with confidence.


Is Your Care Company Single Assessment Framework-Ready?

Are you confident that your organisation is prepared to meet the new regulatory requirements under the Single Assessment Framework (SAF)? If not, don't worry – Team Care has you covered. With our expert team of consultants nationwide, we specialise in delivering mock inspections tailored to help you turn around your services and ensure compliance with the latest regulatory standards.

What's Included in Your Mock CQC Inspection?

Our compliance team conducts thorough inspections, tailored to your service size, either announced or unannounced. Following CQC guidelines, we provide initial verbal feedback, followed by a comprehensive Audit report in line with the single assessment framework and SIP. We offer end-to-end support to ensure the SIP is implemented effectively and all customers are left with quality statement auditing tool for long term development.

Remote Appointments

Wherever possible we'll offer remote appointments to help busy teams make the most of their time


Preparing for a Mock CQC Inspection 

Understanding the different types of CQC inspections is essential for care providers to prepare effectively and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. By staying informed and proactive, providers can demonstrate their commitment to delivering high-quality care and continuously improving their services for the benefit of those they serve.

Understanding the Single Assessment Framework

The Single Assessment Framework (SAF) serves as a comprehensive tool for assessing and evaluating the quality of care provided by care services. It outlines key areas of focus, including person-centered care, safety, effectiveness, responsiveness, and leadership. By aligning mock inspections with the SAF, care providers can ensure that their services meet the highest standards of quality and compliance.

Keeping Up with Regulatory Changes

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare regulations, staying up to date with the latest guidelines and standards is essential. Mock inspections provide care providers with valuable insights into current regulatory requirements, helping them adapt their practices accordingly. By regularly conducting mock inspections aligned with the latest guidelines, care providers can ensure ongoing compliance and readiness for official inspections.

Benefits of Aligning with Quality Statements

Quality statements serve as guiding principles for delivering high-quality care services. By aligning mock inspections with quality statements, care providers can demonstrate their commitment to excellence and person-centered care. Mock inspections tailored to quality statements help identify areas where improvements are needed to enhance the overall quality of care provided.

Our Approach

CQC Mock Inspections

Comprehensive Inspections

Purpose: Comprehensive inspections provide a thorough assessment of a provider's overall quality and safety across all key areas of care. 

Scope: These inspections cover various aspects, including safety, effectiveness, responsiveness, leadership, and how well-led the organisation is.

Frequency: The frequency of comprehensive inspections depends on various factors, such as the previous inspection findings, the type of service provided, and other relevant considerations


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CQC Mock Inspections

Focused Inspections

Purpose: Focused inspections are targeted assessments that concentrate on specific areas of concern or improvement identified during previous inspections or based on specific issues reported.

Scope: These inspections focus on the particular aspects or services that require closer attention or improvement, rather than providing a comprehensive evaluation of the entire organisation.

Frequency: The timing of focused inspections is determined by the urgency and nature of the identified issues, with a focus on addressing and resolving them promptly.


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CQC Mock Inspections

Themed Inspections

Purpose: Themed inspections focus on specific themes or issues that cut across different providers. They aim to assess how well providers are addressing particular challenges or implementing specific initiatives.

Scope: Themed inspections may cover topics such as dementia care, end-of-life care, or other specific areas of interest that are relevant across different types of services.

Frequency: Themed inspections may be conducted periodically to explore how well providers are meeting the standards related to the chosen theme and to identify areas for improvement.


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Benefits of Mock Inspections

Investing in a mock inspection is invaluable, offering proactive assurance of compliance and saving you from potential legal and regulatory challenges down the line. Trust Team Care Compliance Consultancy to support you every step of the way in ensuring your service delivers safe and caring support to those you serve.

CQC Mock Inspections

Pricing Transparency

We offer affordable services tailored to your service's size and needs, with discounts for multiple sites and repeat visits.


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CQC Mock Inspections

Convenience and Proactivity

Mock inspections are conducted with minimal disruption to your daily operations, ensuring staff can continue with their routines. Being proactive rather than reactive saves time, money, and potential challenges with the CQC in the long term.


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CQC Mock Inspections

Peace of Mind

Feel confident in your organization's ability to meet regulatory standards and provide exceptional care.


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